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Drone Videos

NKosi IGT provides drone photography and videography anywhere around South Africa, specifically in Gauteng. Our Drone videos and photos are shot at up to 4K HD resolution that will give your audience a remarkable memory they will never forget. We guarantee the most exciting footages, from capturing new viewpoint for any event such as weddings, conferences or even looking for people and damage during a natural disaster. Drones can be an important tool in the construction industry as they can provide real time data and keeping your project on track.

Aerial Photos

Nkosi IGT uses Aerial Photography to capture magazine-quality photos of places, people, or events. Our photographers will capture images of your subject from virtually any angle. Our aerial drones’ packages work well at outdoor events and weddings.  For our corporate clients, there is remarkable value in capturing with a drone during stock taking where items are difficult to reach. 

Residential Real Estate

Showcase your home from the sky at a fraction of the cost and time. Get stunning aerial photos and videos of your listings from a professional pilot.

Professional Drone Services for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Track, map, survey, inspect, and manage your worksite projects with Nkosi IGT. Construction drone services and aerial data is the innovative solution to deliver sophisticated analytics or provide a visual progress report to stakeholders. Nkosi IGT has worked on a number of construction sites nationwide and holds all the necessary insurance to perform the job safely and under compliance.

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Finding the cause of a blocked or broken pipe can be an exceedingly frustrating endeavor. Due to the remote nature involved with inspecting problems that occur in pipelines, it is simply not always feasible to conduct a human inspection. Often with problematic drain blockages, our technicians need to see exactly what’s going on. Our certified experienced operators are there to assist in preparing structural CCTV pipeline surveys and pipe condition reporting to meet your needs. Our full CCTV inspection includes a written report, recommendations and quotations where necessary for repair work. 

Nkosi IGT’s range of CCTV pipe inspection equipment is capable of accurately measuring the slope of the pipe with any diameters detecting pipework defects a collapsed section of drain, a bad fall or a break allowing debris to accumulate inside the drain. We will be able to take preventative action so that no further damage to your pipework persists. With our CCTV inspection system we can send a remote controlled camera down almost any narrow and twisting tunnel. The images from the camera are then transmitted live back to an engineer. We can then accurately map out an entire piping system, to ensure that there are no accidents caused by having to guess where all the pipes lie. We can map out the most direct route to reach a problem and also find the most efficient routes for future maintenance.

Service Pipe relining

Perhaps the most straightforward way to ensure that your drains are in the best shape possible is to carry out drain relining. This technique has many advantages, and is a non-destructive way to secure your pipes as no digging or extraction is required – especially advantageous on commercial properties, where no downtime is enforced and business can continue as normal.

CCTV Sewer Camera Inspection Services

NKosi IGT offers the most cutting-edge sewer camera inspection around Gauteng to inspect the interiors of pipelines.

The inspection procedure

The CCTV camera, attached to a camera tractor, will be lowered into the sewer via an access pipe or manhole. The tractor is then moved around the inside of the sewer pipeline using remote operation, which the operator controls from inside the service truck. When the inspection is complete, the tractor is put in reverse gear to be raised out of the sewer. Using CCTV inspection, one can fully inspect a complete pipeline blockage or collapse that wouldn’t be able to be viewed any other way.

Inspection equipment

NKosi IGT uses both mini and mainline cameras to accomplish mainline and lateral pipeline inspections. We also have a comprehensive series of carriers, explosion-proof equipment, lateral tap cutters, and all other equipment needed to make every pipeline video inspection safe and successful.


We offer affordable and professional plumbing service for new and developed areas or private residence. Nkosi IGT also offers plumbing maintenance, consultation and repairs services.

Analyzing video footage

Following each pipeline inspection, the video footage is converted to DVD format, thumb drive or it can be uploaded and emailed to the customer. In addition, a full data report will be generated for you to consult at any time following the inspection. This easy-to-use, equipment’s makes interpreting GIS data and analyzing the condition of your pipelines simple and efficient, allowing you to detect potential problems quicker. Regular CCTV inspections allow you to closely monitor any changes in the condition of your sewer pipelines over time and identify where repairs or replacements are needed. These inspections are vital to maintaining a healthy system of sewer pipes.


When a drain blocks continuously, even after repairs, this determines that there is a fault somewhere within the drain. Nkosi IGT can locate the problems making us of CCTV camera drain inspection. We commonly find a bad connection, a collapsed section of drain or a break allowing debris to accrue inside the drain. 

Nkosi IGT uses CCTV drain camera to locate and identify drainage problem areas quickly and efficiently, eliminating the need for major repairs unnecessary disruption, in turn saving time and money. These blockages are usually caused by either a broken or collapsed underground pipe, a root infested pipe, large amount of fat and soap buildup or an incorrectly installed pipe with a back fall that will result in water not being able to flow and cause solids to pile up. For our CCTV drain camera inspection to be conducted, the drain has to be in an unblocked state as the camera can’t see through the murky water. Should you have a re-occurring blocked drain, it would be wise to have a drain camera inspection done as soon as possible after the drain had been unblocked.

Get your drain inspected now with our CCTV drain camera inspection service and you could prevent a disaster tomorrow.

CCTV inspection step-by-step

1  Getting into the drain We'll find an access point, from where the CCTV camera will be pushed along the pipe. In larger pipes the camera might be mounted on a wheeled crawler unit.

2 Taking a look Our plumbers will see images from the camera as it moves along the pipe on a monitor screen. They will then log anything they see - blockages or structural defects - and their location in the pipe.

3 Compiling our detailed reports We give you a report of what we've found, listing problems and their location or give you a clean bill of health. This may come complete with photos and video footage if necessary, and a plan showing the location of the drain.